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"Winston's List" or Regional FaceBook groups alignment!

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"Winston's List" or Regional FaceBook groups alignment!
by Christopher Winston - Sunday, 13 March 2016, 12:12 PM


Greetings Arcadians! 

I am pleased to announce "Winston's List" which is REPLACING the "copy and paste" in our weekly  roll call. What we ended up finding was many groups were essentially people cyber-squatting in random cities, with EMPTY groups. Many had as few as 2 members with just someone's coded link for future mining of members?

The potentially biggest problem we found was multiple groups in the same area, or close that essentially divided our ground forces. For example, Chicago has AT LEAST 4 groups and the largest is 70 members, and as few as 5. It's ok to do that in certain instances, like California, or Florida but for the most part it's best to get BIGGER GROUPS!

The GREAT NEWS is that we have many large and growing regions & groups! To keep MOMENTUM and order to this and discourage the wastland of empty and duplicate groups just post new groups to the PLANNING GROUP, mention Winston's List, AND TAG me.