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3/9/2016 Application Version Review

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3/9/2016 Application Version Review
by Arc Administrator - Thursday, 10 March 2016, 8:31 AM


1. New setting for drivers: Available to accept rides.

2. Restructured settings screen logic.



1. Added Swedish translation.

2. Updated Spanish translation.

3. Added payment information to trip history for riders.

4. Display duplicate message on duplicate referrals as they are entered.


v0.2.39 Require riders to complete their profile before scheduling a ride.



1. Overhaul of bank account setup system.

2. Fixed bug where location drop-down would stick if you hit the back button while it was still open.

3. Fixed various typos to correct grammar.



1. Trip history for riders.

2. Trip history for drivers.


v0.2.36  Fix for phones with no gps location that would fail to get scheduled rides as a rider.