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by Arc Administrator - Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 1:33 AM

Version 0.x -- Q1 2016 -- The current app is a simple MVP, or 'minimum viable product', intended for rapid addition of new features and collection of feedback. Not a beta, but comparable in quality of user experience. For now it is managed in-house by the core developer team of Arcade City Inc.

Version 1.x -- Q2 2016 -- A more polished app to power our mainstream growth phase. Likely rebuilt in a new tech stack, using UX designed by the AC community. Likely includes partial integration of blockchain technology, for example an identity system using Blockstack APIs and/or a reputation and rating system built in Ethereum. Everything is open-source, but overall the network remains more centralized than decentralized.

Version 2.x -- 2018? -- Now more decentralized than centralized. Includes support for a decentralized ecosystem of many actors, including a set of open APIs for third-party service providers. Startups and service providers can connect to the Arcade City network for free, with optional paid support, consulting, and custom development available from Arcade City Inc. or other providers. Our modular UI components can be forked and included in other decentralized apps (Dapps) that connect (or not) with the Arcade City network.

Version 3.x -- 2020? -- Now fully decentralized. The Arcade City network is no longer managed by a company; it is essentially a public utility maintained by the community. Any necessary corporate functions are encoded into public blockchains via smart contracts and decentralized autonomous organizations. Arcade City is an ecosystem, a protocol like SMTP, a set of best practices -- and a newly evolved way for humans to relate to each other.